Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Changing Direction

After working in cramped quarters in my basement for years, I've been thinking about adding a decent studio on to the house for a couple of years I finally at least built 20' of art storage on the side of the house - couldn't afford the full project. This year we can so I won't be doing a lot of art during the process. I drew the plans and submitted for a building permit.

Then: hold on, this isn't going to work..... Last night we laid out chalk lines on the concrete where we were to build and found that with required property setbacks and the house not being aligned with the property line it was a odd and too small of a space. My wife and I were sitting outside at dusk talking about it and she had an epiphany! We were sitting on the lower patio under the upper floor deck and she said "why not build it here?". After the DUH moment passed I realized that it wasn't perfect, but it was faster, less expensive and provides the room needed. Now I have to get out there and start the cleanup and prep.

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