Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Exhibit, exhibit, exhibit

Yes, as an artist that's the name of the game.... mind you, sales and commissions don't hurt either - but to get those you just have to be seen. Therefore, some good news:

Lark Studio
7:26pm (about a minute ago)
Good news: "Isaiah 40A - The Grass Withereth" was accepted at the Springville Museum of fine arts 27th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. Also accepted were two works by my friend J. Kirk Richards. I was sorry to not see the names of a couple of other friends that I was looking for.

List of Accepted Works

Lloyd Ray Knowles
The Grass Withereth - Isaiah 40A: 6-8

But that' not all and, unfortunately I haven't been posting here as often as I ought!

The Logan (UT) Fine Art Gallery is showing "Isaiah 3 - I Shall Give Children to be Their Princes"

The Utah County Art Gallery is showing "Ethereal Gates" and "Walking on Water" (prize winner)

The County Art Board needed to fill the month of December as the scheduled exhibit backed out and decided to show the work of board members - I'll have to decide what to hang.

I've been asked to provide a solo exhibit at a new gallery opening about a block away from the new Convention Center in Provo, UT during January.

I need to get to work. I am planning a new series of small works for the January show. When the first is done, I'll post it here.

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